Flexing our pex

For 6 good reasons

  1. One fitting for gas and water.
    Sleeve or crimp we've got you covered.
  2. No re-tooling needed.
    Use the approved tools you've got.
  3. More adaptors than the rest.
    Fit-out versatility makes it easy.
  1. Nice brass.
    Stronger leak-proof fittings all the way.
  2. PN20 rated.
    Highest rating with the highest pressure available.
  3. 25 year warranty.
    Supplier backed so we've got your back.
TradePex Pipes

No Pipe Dreams.

No Worries.

Here at TradePex, we believe that hassle-free plumbing shouldn't be a pipe dream. Combining fit-out versatility with durability, our pipes make your job easier without compromising on quality. Featuring superior materials with extra options, our PEX stands above the rest. Sleeve it, Crimp it, Done. Let us take the stress and expense out of your next PEX installation.

Latest News

TradePex is the newest and best PEX piping system. TradePex has listened to what plumbers want: all brass fittings (no plastic), the highest pressure rating PN20 with PN16 also available, water and gas, sleeve or crimp, plus no need to re-tool.

TradePex sleeve, crimp and hydronic is now available throughout Australia.

Available exclusively at Tradelink Plumbing Centres and Northern's Plumbing Supplies.


Visit your local Tradelink Plumbing Centre or Northern's Plumbing Supplies for TradePex event details or contact us.